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The Beginning of Hiswin Chows

My Husband Winston and I, live in a Worcestershire Town with our chow chows.   We bought our first chow in 1979 but there has always been a chow in the family home right from when I was a child and my grandmother had the breed in the 1930's.

In 1988 after the loss of our dear pet chows, we decided to attend a chow club show to seek a breeder from which to purchase another.   The show was The Midland Chow Chow Club show in July 1988.   We had never been to any type of dog show before and I was absolutely enthralled by it all, seeing so many wonderful chows all in one room.   Here we met several chow breeders and I was drawn to a beautiful black bitch by the name of Rhula, she was owned by her breeders Mr & Mrs Hempenstall of the Himwin Kennel.
They hadn't any puppies at the time by kindly invited us to their home to see their chows.   We liked their chows and decided to wait for a puppy from them.   The wait was almost two years and we continued to go to shows, I knew that when we finally got another puppy, I wanted to carry on and start showing too.   So during that time we made various purchases to start us off, a cage, a grooming table and various other show requisites.   We were now bitten by the bug and started showing a puppy bitch Himwin Sheer Bliss At Hiswin( Bliss ) we purchased in 1990 followed by Himwin Sheer Ellagance At Hiswin( Ella ) later the same year.  

Knowing that we wished to show and eventually breed a litter we applied to the Kennel Club for an Affix, ( Kennel name) and we chose HISWIN, this was made up as part of our Christian names Chris & Winston.
We showed both Bliss and Ella, and each gained their stud book numbers.   Bliss had just the one litter and Ella four.   We kept two of Ella's daughters, Hiswin Vesta Tilley ( Bertie ) and Hiswin Ann-Ella.,  and in 1999 we bought a male chow puppy Yokohama Yakin At Hiswin ( Charlie ).
Unfortunately we lost both Bliss and Bertie in 2001 and a young black puppy bitch whom we called Zoe, at the end of 2002.   So we were delighted to have had a litter from Charlie and Anna from which we kept a puppy girl Hiswin Rianna ( Ria ).    I showed Ria as a youngster and she has also produced 3 litters.
From her second litter we kept a puppy bitch Hiswin Stellaria, we call her Ella after her great grandmother.  
At the end of 2008 we purchased Miketilla Milla At Hiswin ( Milla ) and in early 2009, Shasadee Miss Dee-Light At Hiswin, ( Diva )  
Missing our male chow, early in 2012 we imported another red male, Simauta Dess Rizhii Shum For Hiswin ( Shum ) Iin 2014 we imported a black girl Butterfly Effect From Chowheaven For Hiswin ( Cookie ) and a red girl Piuk chow Sweet Dreams Or Phantasy ( Dreamie ). They all live indoors with us and share our home, they love their home comforts.

I have served on The Midland Chow Chow Club committee since 1993 and I'm also a delegate on the Breed Council for the club.   Having passed the Chow Judges Training Scheme and The Chinese Judging Trial, I began judging in 1995 and had great pleasure in judging the Puppy Sweepstakes for The Maple Leaf Chow Chow Club at their Specialty held in September 2000.   I awarded my first set of Challenge Certificates at Paignton Championship show in July 2007 and in the September I judged at The Royal Belgian Chow Chow Club show. I have also judged club shows in Sweden,Austria, Finland, Denmark, and Slovenia.  I enjoy travelling abroad to see other chows, and have attended many Specialties in America and Canada, plus World & European Shows.

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Around 1938 My Mother with Bette one of her earlier chows