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Buying a chow puppy or any dog for that matter involves some deep thinking.   Can you afford the upkeep of a dog over what will hopefully be 12 or 13 years,  does every member of the family want the puppy, where will it sleep, where will it stay when you have to go out?   Do you have a well fenced and safe garden, what about holidays?   Do you have the time and patience to train and socialise the puppy?  If you've not had a chow puppy before what do you know about the breed, chows are a coated breed, are you prepared to groom your chow regularly, what about vet bills, with the ever increasing costs, can you afford those?  Then the question  Dog or Bitch?   Bitches usually have 2 seasons per year, can you cope with that ?   If you are not planning to breed from your chow bitch, instead of putting her through a major operation to get her spayed, consider having a male puppy.

Much thought should be given to choosing a chow puppy or choosing where to purchase a puppy from. It is important to go to a reputable breeder and not a retail outlet or puppy farm. 
If you have access to the Internet you will probably be aware of various sites offering chow puppies for sale.   Some adverts are just to good to be true when they are offering puppies for sale at ridiculous low prices of £200, beware many such adverts are scams, you pay your money up front and the puppy just doesn't exist. 

In order to find a chow puppy for sale, contact the Kennel Club.   On their internet site they have links to puppies available for all breeds.   A search on Google or on the Kennel Club website, plus on our Links and contacts page on this web site, will give you a list of all the Chow Chow Breed Clubs in U.K. and a contact telephone number for each club secretary.  They may know of puppies available or up and coming litters.  You may wish to visit a Chow Club Show, again the secretaries will advise you of any forthcoming shows.   Be prepared to travel, it will be well worth the journey to talk to chow breeders and to ask any questions about the breed, plus you will have an enjoyable day out.

Don't be in a rush to get your chow puppy, most likely you will have to wait anyway as chow puppies are in short supply.   When you are able, try to see as many chow puppies as possible before you decide on the one that's right for you.   Having located a puppy for sale, be aware you may not see the father of the puppy as the breeder may have used a stud dog owned by someone else, but you should see the puppy with it's mother.   Puppies usually go to their new homes at around 8 weeks of age, or the breeder may be running a couple on before making a decision on the one they want to keep as a possible show dog.  Be prepared for the breeder to ask you lots of questions to see if you are a suitable owner of one of their puppies.  Also ask the breeder questions, as to what worming treatment the puppy has received, whether it has had it's first innoculations, has it been microchipped, is the puppy insured?  When you collect your puppy you should receive a puppy sales receipt, a diet sheet plus instructions on future dietary needs, a reasonable supply of food  to tide you over for a few days, a pedigree document, and  the Kennel Club's registration document both duly signed by the breeder.  Take a look at this registration document, if any endorsements are in place, get the breeder to explain those to you.   The breeder should also offer you a guide sheet on grooming and do's and don'ts advice for it's general well being.    Finally, do not be afraid to contact the breeder should you have any concerns about the puppy once he is living with you.