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Himwin Sheer Bliss At Hiswin
27th May 1990 - 5th April 2001
Stud Book No. 1787CD

When we lost our two pet chows, we started going around the shows, and after two long years we bought Bliss.  I suppose after such a long wait I doted on her and she became my girl, wherever I was she wanted to be, she gave me so much back, with a wag of her tail and lots of licks, she loved toys, a squeaky toy or a ball was her favorite. She bred just the one litter of two bitches, one red and one black.   I showed her quite a bit when she was young, and she also gained her Stud Book No.

Bliss aged 8 years
Bliss aged 9 years

Bliss 2 1/4 years

Bliss1May92 Bliss3May92
Bliss 2 years
Bliss 2 years

Bliss April91with Ella Bliss5 April91
Bliss 11 months with Ella
Bliss 11 months with Ella

Bliss15weeks5 Bliss8months1
Bliss 15 weeks
Bliss 8 months

Bliss6weeks4 Bliss9weeks2
Bliss 6 weeks
Bliss 9 weeks

Bliss 4 weeks
Bliss 6 weeks

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